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Who We Are

Christopher Perry
Christopher Perry LinkedIn Profile

Christopher is a Principal Partner with ParkTrans Solutions focused on providing clients with insight into the financial operations of their parking system. By gaining a thorough understanding of the stakeholder's objectives and through a detailed analysis of the financial operations, Chris is able to assist municipalities to maximize the financial value of their parking system. Chris has served as CFO for Parkeon and VP of Indirect Channels & Partners for IPS Group.

Chris is a proven performer with experience in finance, operational, marketing, and strategic management within the Transportation, Financial Services, and Communications industries. He has a consistent track record of growing both top and bottoms lines via operational improvements, financial management, cost controls, and efficiency improvements. His ability to drive collaboration, identify opportunities, and execute strategic initiatives is a valuable asset to any project. 


Kevin Woznicki
Kevin Woznicki LinkedIn Profile

Kevin is a Principal Partner with ParkTrans Solutions focused on providing clients with leading edge technological solutions for their parking needs. His working relationships with global parking and technology vendors allows Kevin to offer a true worldwide best of breed product suites to a prospective client. Kevin has served as US President for Parkeon, Hectronic and as Managing Director for IPS.

Kevin has shown a consistent track record of both top line revenue growth and improved operational efficiencies by leveraging customer needs into all aspects of planning. He has served as the President, Managing Director or General Manager of many firms and has always maintained the belief that a customer is an active partner in a relationship.




We understand every city has very diverse needs and requirements.  With the convergence of parking and transportation, cities can longer look to the past to what has worked, but must look ahead to what WILL work.


That is where ParkTrans Solutions comes in. PTS was formed to bring global best of breed solutions to the individual needs of our clients.


Our ultimate goal is to bring "smart city" solutions to our partners and clients today while simultaneously thinking of the future.  We develop solutions that will allow for seamless transition to tomorrow's technologies.  All of this "future proofing" is done at costs today that are far below what traditional solutions have been.

ParkTrans Solutions LLC is an approved Small Business Enterprise.



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